Things to look for when using Madrid System in India – National System vs Madrid System




While it is indisputable that Madrid Trademark System brings a host of advantages for applicants wanting to register their trademark across the globe, there are a few things to be taken in to consideration to chose whether Madrid System would suit you.

If you are only looking to register your brand only in a country or two, then you may have to think twice before choosing Madrid System as you may end up spending a lot more than you should.

For example, if you want to get a trademark only in US, then you are better off using the national system, as opposed to Madrid System.

To get a trademark in US using Madrid System, the cost would be 901 + 301 = 1204.0 Swiss Francs

1204.0 Swiss Francs = 79203 INR (as per today’s conversion rate.

Madrid System Cost from India

Madrid System Cost from India

Instead you can take the national route where you will spend $325 + applicable attorney fees, let us assume, $200

525 USD = 30975 INR (59.0/$)

Concluding Thoughts

The Madrid System offers many benefits to those seeking international trademark protection. Although from the cost-effective perspective, one has to think twice if indeed a Madrid System is required.