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100+ years of consolidated experienceWide range of practice areas in lawHighest success ratio for casesBusiness Contracts and AgreementsPatents and Designs

100+ years of consolidated experience

Our team of lawyers bring to the firm a consolidated experience of 100 years in various areas of law from intellectual property laws to maritime laws.

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Wide range of practice areas in law

We are a full-service law firm covering all major areas of law and provide personalized efficient case management for clients

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Highest success ratio for cases

Our methodical and diligent approach towards cases and briefs have significantly increase the success ratio

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Business Contracts and Agreements

We draft complex business agreements and contracts that stand the test of law

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Patents and Designs

Our attorneys with a strong engineering and technology background can provide you most economically and legally efficient means of protection to your inventions

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Our Clients

Our team has provided intellectual property and other general legal services to include trademark registration, patent and copyright registration to our esteemed clients in India, US, Australia and UK.  Our clientele is constantly growing every single day and we strive to achieve customer delight.



  • Mediglobeusa, St. Louis, USA
  • NMG Healthcare, USA
  • Trans Tech, USA
  • Michael Phoang, USA
  • Michelle Cho, USA
  • David Bowman, USA
  • Jo Pinela, USA
  • Bling Cartel, USA
  • Eric Johnson, USA
  • Ideas Unlimited LLC, USA
  • Juan Ferrares, CA, USA
  • Philip Hoang, USA
  • SexyEatz LLC, USA
  • Small Fish Big Fish Swim School LLC, Florida, USA
  • Dreamscape Studios LLC, CA, USA
  • Michelle Cho, USA
  • East Cost Arsenal LLC, Florida, USA
  • Aurelius International, USA
  • Michael Taylor, Texas, USA
  • Real Rehab LLC, USA
  • Solutions Union LLC, USA
  • Soma Revolutionary Refreshment, USA
  • Website Network LLC, Austin, TX, USA
  • Next Leadership Weekend, USA
  • Yodit LLC
  • Persistence LLC
  • Velociraster LLC
  • Price Lift LLC
  • e-TeachIt LLC
  • Trusted Home Buyer LLC
  • Rapzero LLC
  • Humat LLC
  • Halsa MD LLC
  • Offerbook Inc.
  • Veccrum LLC, Texas
  • Dr. Jason Schechter, Ph.D., Cortical Systematics
  • Ninety Degree AMS Pty Ltd
  • James Sammarco
  • Jace Perry, TenFour LLC


  • NueLife Healthcare Private Ltd, Chennai
  • DP New Life Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
  • Team Netz, Chennai
  • Alpine Industrial Services, Chennai
  • Alpine Inspection Services, Chennai
  • RiverSilica® Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
  • T.G.Developers®, Bangalore
  • Mr. Venkat Raghavan, Chennai
  • Mutti Exporters, Punjab
  • Creative Solutions, Bangalore
  • Sohna Solar Energy™, Bangalore
  • Mr. Rahul S. Nair, Chennai
  • Mr. Anil Sarin, Bangalore
  • Mr. Shivaram Krishnan, Bangalore
  • Mr. Muralidharan S, Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu
  • Mr. Sravan N, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
  • Mr. Srivardhan Reddy, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
  • Mr. M. Sridhar, Theni, Tamil Nadu
  • Adeptte Microsystems Private Ltd, Chennai
  • Vinova™ Energy Systems Private Ltd, Tamil Nadu
  • Electronics Group, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Mr. Surender Reddy Kandida, Rangareddy District, Andhra Pradesh
  • G.K.N. Enterprises, Theni District, Tamil Nadu
  • Raju and Co, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • E-TTWEL, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Mr. Uma Shankar, Chartered Accountant, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Murali E., Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Karan Bahadur, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Mohamed Yusuf Shuibhu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Sri Tamil Murugan Textiles, Tamil Nadu
  • Captain Shekar K., TGIC, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Rajaram Silk House, Bangalore
  • Keerthi Priya Fabrics, Nagari, Andhra Pradesh
  • Camillotek® India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
  • Strengths Coaching Academy Pvt. Ltd., Tamil Nadu
  • Syncorp Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
  • Mr. Mohamed Azharuddin, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Mr. Mustafa Aboobhucker, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Mr. M. Shangumanathan, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Ms. Chanda Agarwal (RST), Bangalore
  • Ms. Sujatha Krishnan, Bangalore
  • IDEEPLUS™ Medicare Marketing Pvt. Ltd., Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu
  • Sri Amman Exports, Erode, Tamil Nadu
  • Nitin Sardana, Delhi
  • 4G Formulations, Kerala
  • Mahesh Beedi Works, Bangalore
  • Merla Agencies, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu
  • Sunil Bagrecha, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Tax Solutions, Bangalore
  • Tubro Computers, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
  • Heavenly Haven Consultants Pvt. Ltd, Tamil Nadu
  • Deepak Rathore, Swastik Band India
  • Royal Fashions, Kerala
  • M. Kabilan, Madurai, Tamil Nadu
  • Ms. Shalu D., New Delhi
  • Vaishali Kusugal, Andhra Pradesh
  • Biccon Light International, Andhra Pradesh
  • Smile Boutique Multispecialty Dental Hospital, Kerala
  • Impulse Info Solutions, Kerala
  • Vtiger Systems India Private Ltd, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Career Transition Consulting India, Karnataka
  • Indo-Arab Chamber of Commerce, Bangalore
  • Mariam Enterprises, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • NGFCPL, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
  • Four Multimodal Solutions Private Limited, Bangalore
  • Capsicorp Consulting Services, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Infosoftx IT Services Private Limited, Bangalore
  • Active Chem Agency, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu
  • St. Gregorious Eye Hospital, Kerala
  • VBM Minerals, Erode, Tamil Nadu
  • Crystal Gemological Institute, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Hagnous Bioceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
  • HelixDNA Technologies, Hyderabad/Bangalore
  • Bridal Berries Beauty Parlour for Women, Chennai
  • Amal Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
  • Amal Group of Companies
  • M/s. Ceuro Moda, Bombay
  • Mr. Pratap Raj, Moris Enterprises
  • Mr. Arvind Jahaur
  • Mr. Mohammed Ishitiyaq, Kuaican Restaurant
  • Prathik Shetty, Bangalore
  • Auxesia Life Sciences Healthcare Private Limited
  • Divya Mohan, Chennai
  • Deepan A Chakravarthy, Chartered Accountant, Chennai
  • Pratip Singh, Delhi



  • Rich Heritage Foods, UK
  • Willard Patterson, UK
  • Michael Boetang, UK
  • Hair Box Ltd, UK/Mr. Conor Matthews
  • Lotus Nyugen, London, UK
  • Sara Nyanti, UK
  • MIBO Trading


  • Wealthzone Education Pty Ltd, NSW, Australia
  • Asoca Pty Ltd, NSW, Australia
  • SafeTcom Ltd, NSW, Australia
  • Allan Piaget, Germany
  • Benet Orion Powell, Germany
  • Marvin Macatol, Singapore
  • Blue Bird Group, Singapore