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100+ years of consolidated experienceWide range of practice areas in lawHighest success ratio for casesBusiness Contracts and AgreementsPatents and Designs

100+ years of consolidated experience

Our team of lawyers bring to the firm a consolidated experience of 100 years in various areas of law from intellectual property laws to maritime laws.

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Wide range of practice areas in law

We are a full-service law firm covering all major areas of law and provide personalized efficient case management for clients

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Highest success ratio for cases

Our methodical and diligent approach towards cases and briefs have significantly increase the success ratio

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Business Contracts and Agreements

We draft complex business agreements and contracts that stand the test of law

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Patents and Designs

Our attorneys with a strong engineering and technology background can provide you most economically and legally efficient means of protection to your inventions

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Arbitration & Mediation

Arbitration & Mediation

Our team has been representing clients before Indian and overseas Arbitrators and Arbitration Tribunals in all areas of law. We have a team of trained lawyers having in-depth exposure in handling arbitration disputes.

In addition, Our lawyers at Sevenelementz have been appointed as Arbitrators in several disputes ranging from debt recovery, commercial disputes arising out of contractual transactions to intellectual property disputes in a fair and just manner in accordance with law.

Areas of Arbitration

  • Debt Recovery for Private Finance
  • Banking & Finance
  • Construction and Manufacturing Sectors
  • Employment Related
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Civil Disputes

Arbitration Services Offered

  • Handling Arbitrable Disputes under the 1996 Act
  • Representing Clients before Arbitrator(s) and Arbitrary Tribunals
  • Appointment of Domestic and International Arbitrators
  • Drafting Arbitration Agreement and Clauses
  • Enforcement & Execution of Arbitration Award
  • Challenging Arbitration Award under Section 34 before an appropriate forum


Civil Disputes

Our lawyering team comprises of skilled and compassionate lawyers who are believers of preventive litigation practices and are inclined towards channeling the clients in settling disputes amicably before resorting to lengthy legal battles.  We have successfully resolved several issues involving property rights, matrimonial disputes, child custody, intellectual property rights infringement, etc. through mediation.

Matrimonial Disputes

In addition, our advocate team includes well-reputed family law practitioners who are not only experienced in matrimonial law and procedures but also well versed in interpersonal skills, human psychology, behavioral issues. We, as a matter of policy, counsel the clients approaching us for matrimonial disputes to undergo our reconciliation and mediation processes as the first step to aim at reunion and or to resolve matrimonial disputes in an amicable manner. Our lawyers routinely counsel our clients on issues involving matrimonial rights and duties of each spouse towards the other, child custody and guardianship, maintenance, alimony, etc. to resolve and/or end disputes in a mutually beneficial manner. Our clientele range from illiterate labourers, celebrities to super-specialist medical practitioners.