Indian Trademark Office gets 100% computerized, paperless, including RTI!

Sequel to the previous notifications, a third notification from CGPDTM today notified the release of online facility for all Trade Marks forms through comprehensive e-filing services of Trade Marks. Only a few days ago we wrote about the first and second notifications which incorporated up to 57 forms.  The third notification comes as a surprise today, although we noticed inclusion of some new features a couple of days ago.

India is a signatory to TRIPS and as part of its TRIPS compliance, it is required to get its IP operations fully computerized and digitized. For most countries, July 2014 was the deadline for TRIPS compliance.

indian trademark office paperless

Filing RTI through the system

Most interesting fact is that this update includes a system to file Right to Information (RTI) through its Comprehensive e-filing System.

We also look forward to seeing efficient implementation of the online system.  The first and foremost thing is the “objection hearing” which should be made optional if the examiner finds the reply satisfactory.  We are already seeing trends wherein applications are getting accepted right away upon satisfactory response to examination reports without having to appear for hearing.

Kudos to the Indian Trademark Office and way to go!