Another huge step into computerization – Indian Trademark Registry

We all know that Indian Trademark Office is religiously working into fully computerizing its day-to-day operations.  More recently in the first week of February 2014, i.e., on 05/02/14, a notification came as a surprise announcing that several TM forms would be accessible through e-filing platform and we also wrote on it Indian trademark registry goes 90% computerized.

indian trademark office

Another pleasant surprise came a few moments ago when our Indian Trademark Office published yet another notification on its site which read that a few other forms were added through the e-filing platform.  There are currently a total of 87 forms and currently as per the latest notification, a total of 57 forms were accessible through the e-filing platform.

It is indeed a huge step and we hope to see more enhancements and improvements so that applications are disposed off on time without any delay.  This definitely saves a lot of time and efforts, let alone the papers, as long as the data is safe and secure | 🙂 |

On a separate note, we also noticed that there has been a slow progress as far as examinations are concerned over the past month when compared to the previous months.  It is probably attributed to this computerization process.

Regardless, we greatly appreciate the progress being made towards digitization!