Indian Trademark Registry launches “TM Dashboard”

New Dashboard

CGPDTM launches a Dynamic Trademark Utility which will allow the public to see on real time basis the detail of Examinations of trademark applications, show cause hearings, publications in the trademark journal, registrations of trademarks, otherwise disposal of applications (i.e. by way of abandonment, refusal etc.) doneandother notices issued month-wise or date-wise.

Trademark Dynamic Utility

Possibly, increasing number of RTI applications could be one of the main reasons behind this implementation, among other things.  Regardless, this is a good move for stakeholders, in particular trademark attorneys and agents, who can check the status of their applications through the new Dash Board.

However, the dashboard is not rather helpful if not useful when compared to foreign trademark offices, especially IPO, USPTO, IP Australia, where it is possible to see a lot of things including timeline, status dates, option to reply online, etc.

Higher Objection Rate

Another interesting factor is the number of objected applications with almost 90% objection rate. It looks like the Trademark Registry is on a objecting spree and the most common reason for objection seems to be the following:

Section 9(1)a”The trade marks-which are devoid of any distinctive character, that is to say, not capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one person from those of another person

We fail to understand the aforementioned reason in some of the applications and the ones which are advertised were initially objected and then received a response.  We are skeptical of any delaying tactics behind the increasing number of rejections.

Hope all is well!

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali!