After 10 years Isohunt closes down a bit early, survived many Copyright battles!

Many of the file sharing and torrent websites have been losing their battles against Copyright owners.  One such was Megaupload, which was shut down a few months ago. has fought many battles and somehow pulled off for about 10.5 years.

isohunt down

Isohunt has posted a notice on its website that it has closed a day earlier than required to avoid being a part of an attempt to archive it.  Isohunt was first sued by a movie production house in way back in 2006 and the case has reached a settlement with the MPAA and Isohunt agreed to both pay $110 million in damages and to close down in seven days.

After a group named Archiveteam said they were preparing to make a backup of the site, isoHunt closed a day early to prevent that from happening.  Its founder, Gary Fung, stated that the archiving was really unnecessary as most of the torrents are available through other sources. He added that it was an indeed an honour that a team to preserve the site for historical record.