Why terms and conditions, privacy policy are important for your website or online business in India?

Ever since the Information Technology Act 2000, some stringent stipulations have been imposed on online business entities relating to collecting and handling personal and financial information of customers.

A business-specific terms and conditions should be one of the first prerequisite legal requirements and documents that you have in place when you are starting an online business.

Consulting a specialist lawyer in Contracts and Cyber Laws and discussing what your business does, the key processes within your business and your typical customers are important things you should do first.

Here are some reasons why you should consider?

1. Well written terms and conditions, privacy policy and other web agreements tell your customers how you do business and any do’s and dont’s and help to create certainty as to the agreement

Since communication via online is easy when compared to other standard means.  You do not want to spend much of your time emailing your explanations to customers and responding to complaints and disputes.

2. Terms and conditions help to you reduce legal disputes and lessen the chance of potential law suits.

3. Terms and conditions help you to describe what you are, how you operate, and reduces any unwanted assumptions.

4. Terms and conditions help you to enforce your agreement

5. Terms and conditions help you to provide good customer service

6. Terms and conditions help you comply with the law

What you should NOT do that others do?  Why you should copy terms and conditions from others?

The commonest things online business entities do is to copy a standard or ready-made Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies from other websites or online resources.  This may cause detrimental effects when the terms and conditions agreement includes some irrelevant clauses or excludes important clauses.


Touch with a contract and cyber law specialist lawyer and get your legal web agreements done!  Enjoy your presence online with safety!