How do you feel when someone takes credit for your work?

How do you feel when someone takes credit for your work?
It is not uncommon at work for your subordinates, co-workers, immediate supervisor, or boss, to take credit for the work you have burned the calories and spent sleepless nights for. When this happens during the course of your employment, you may choose to ignore this as you may end up at the least gaining some experience, if at all anything and at worst, there is another job out there.
But what happens when you are an inventor or a business owner if someone uses your brand or business name or brain child for commercial gains? Can you take this lightly? Certainly not, right?

How to register your trademark?
If you are a business owner, trader, manufacturer, or service provider, you may treasure your business name or logo or emblem for several reasons that may be sometimes personal or sentimental or attached with family values.

You would have spent sleepless nights, discussed with a lot of people, had meetings with your team to come up with your “magic” word, and we know that word is closest to your heart.

How bad it is to let someone steal it?

Sharing is ILLEGAL, yes
Creativity is priceless if you ask any artist . Yes, it is not common to see creativity that is unique and intriguing and thought-provoking.

Be it a composer, singer, producer, director, writer, or software programmer or photography, they treasure their creativity and keep them closest to our heart.

An artist gets his real returns on investment when his creativity is shared and enjoyed by a lot of people giving him due to credits, appreciations, in addition to monetary benefits.

How disheartening it would be for an artist when someone exploits his work depriving him off his moral and financial rights

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Yes, trademark registration does not happen in a day or 2, but takes around 18 to 24 months and hence requires diligent and periodical followup.

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